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Silver, mercury and even gold are no longer the gold standards for quality, cost-effective filling of cavities. Today, most patients request tooth-colored fillings.

The main benefit of this strong composite material is obvious: It blends well with the natural color of your teeth. But health concerns, as well, often motivate patients to choose this option. Although science has never proven a link between the old amalgam fillings that contained mercury and a variety of ailments and medical conditions, patients commonly don’t want to take a chance on this type of cavity filling. In fact, many adults who years ago received one or more amalgam fillings will choose a simple procedure during which a skilled Contos Smile Center dentist will remove the old filling and replace it with a new, tooth-colored filling.

Tooth-colored fillings also have the advantage of strengthening the tooth, while metal fillings will expand and contract over time, potentially damaging the tooth or becoming loose. Advanced tooth-colored fillings also require a smaller hole, so your dentist is able to drill less and you will keep more of your natural enamel. Surprisingly, patients with these fillings also report less tooth sensitivity than those with metal fillings.

Filling Procedure Details

Tooth-colored fillings in Chicago, Evanston, & Skokie

At Contos Smile Center in Chicago, we use a laser to remove decay from the tooth and prepare the new surface for your tooth-colored filling. Once the composite material has been placed and molded to a desired shape, the filling is hardened by use of a special curing light that is focused on the tooth. At this point, your dentist will shape and grind down the material to fit perfectly with your bite.

Once you are satisfied with the way the filling feels in your mouth, your dentist will polish the surface to achieve a smoothness and texture that matches your natural teeth. The whole process is performed with a local anesthetic, and will take approximately a half hour. If you treat your newly filled tooth well, by brushing and flossing and visiting your dentist regularly, your tooth-colored filling may never need to be replaced.

Improvements to Tooth-Colored Fillings

Unlike the old metal-filling technology that essentially remained static for decades, tooth-colored fillings are constantly being reinvented and improved. There are several varieties available to dentists and their patients, and each new innovation seems to bring greater strength, flexibility and durability. Earlier versions of composite materials used in tooth-colored fillings were sometimes not appropriate for filling molars near the back of the mouth. Today, any tooth is a good candidate for this natural, long-lasting solution.

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