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Dental implants in Chicago, Evanston, & Skokie

Implants are a long-lasting solution to missing or damaged teeth, restoring a natural look, feel and function. Unlike dentures, implants feature a complete artificial tooth, with a strong titanium “root” anchoring the fabricated crown above.

How the Dental Implant Procedure Works

A full or partial set of implants is possible in as few as three months. The first step is to surgically implant the titanium posts in the jaw, then allow time for the roots to fuse with the bone and for the jaw to heal. Once the posts are firmly in place, a natural-looking artificial tooth is attached to the top. If bone grafting or jaw surgery are required, however, the time period could extend to six months. The actual time spent in the dentist’s chair is not significantly different from that of other dental procedures.

Patients report that there is actually less discomfort than would typically be experienced during a tooth extraction. Your skilled Contos Smile Center dentist uses local anesthetic for dental implant placement, and also offers intravenous sedation if requested. Most of the discomfort will occur at home, after the anesthesia wears off. Swelling and discomfort can be effectively managed by medications that will be prescribed for you.

Dental Implant Results & Care

Dental implants don’t need special maintenance or removal for cleaning. You brush and floss implants, just as your dentist has always recommended for all of your permanent teeth. Because implants are anchored in your jaw bone, they are stable and will not slip or move. You won’t fear biting into tough foods, or wonder if your teeth might fall out during a conversation. The titanium posts of implants also keep the jawbone stimulated, just as the roots of natural teeth do; and this prevents the bone loss and changes to your facial profile that can occur with missing teeth or dentures.

As technology has advanced, implants have become stronger and more long-lasting. In fact, your new implant will probably be stronger than the tooth it replaces. Studies have shown that 95 percent or more of patients can expect implants to last at least 30 years. In cases where all teeth have been replaced, that success figure ranges from 80 to 90 percent.

Implants and Bridges: Combining Them

Patients may choose to replace one tooth or several teeth, or opt for a complete full-mouth restoration. In addition, implants are often used to anchor dental bridges. Implants are especially useful for the lower jaw: While upper dentures cover the roof of the mouth, lower dentures leave space for the tongue, and as a result tend to be less stable.

A customized arch of fabricated artificial teeth can be held in place in the mouth by as few as four dental implants. With these four implants placed strategically across your upper mouth, and four on the bottom, you can enjoy a full set of securely attached, functional teeth.

The first phase of this process is exactly the same as a regular dental implant procedure, involving surgical placement of secure titanium posts. Detailed three-dimensional measurements are used to create a customized arch to span the breadth of your mouth. As the arch is fabricated, you will wear a temporary arch that will be attached to your new implants.

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