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All-on-Four dental implants in Chicago, Evanston, Skokie

All-on-Four is a descriptive term for a type of full mouth implant restoration. As the name suggests, a customized arch of fabricated artificial teeth is held in place in the mouth by four dental implants. Today’s state-of-the-art implants are perfect for this task. Their strong titanium base is anchored firmly into the jaw bone, just like a real tooth.

Effects of Missing Teeth & Why it is Important to Replace Them

Replacing missing teeth is important not only to restoring your smile, but also to preserving a youthful facial structure. When large gaps are allowed to persist in your mouth, remaining teeth can begin to drift, and your bite may also change.

The bone that once anchored the teeth will begin to shrink and recede for many people, dramatically changing the entire facial profile. Cheeks and lips may lack the support they need to look natural. You may experience temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), and your friends and family may notice a difference in the way you speak.

Replacing missing teeth is important to the overall health and function of both mouth and jaw. Our implant dentist in Chicago, IL, Dr. Peter Contos, may recommend the convenient option of All-on-Four, taking action early to preserve your appearance, oral health and lifestyle is easier than ever.

How All-on-Four Dental Implants Work

Some patients choose dental implants to replace each missing tooth, but the process of placing an implant is minor surgery, and these resilient prosthetic teeth are not inexpensive. With four implants placed strategically across your upper mouth, and four on the bottom, you can enjoy a full set of securely attached, functional teeth that will bring back many of the pleasures you have been missing, from favorite foods to the ability to flash a wide grin proudly in social situations.

The titanium base of an implant is shaped like a screw, which adds incredible stability to the artificial tooth. Over time the titanium will actually fuse with the bone; for many older patients this bond will actually be stronger than the structural foundation of their natural teeth.

The first phase of the process is exactly the same as a regular dental implant procedure. Once your new implants are in place, your skilled Chicago, IL implant dentist will work to create a customized arch to span the breadth of your mouth.

This process involves the use of an outside laboratory that will use the detailed three-dimensional measurements your dentist has taken to fabricate your permanent arch. During this interim period, you will wear a temporary arch that will be attached to your new implants.

Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth with Implants

Dental implants offer many benefits for patients with missing teeth. They are designed to look, feel, and function like your natural teeth so you can chew and speak confidently again.

Replacing missing teeth with implants has many other advantages:

  • Preventing bone loss: when a tooth is extracted the bone surrounding the tooth begins to “shrink” allowing the surrounding teeth to shift.  Placing implants will help preserve the bone and prevent future bone loss.
  • Restoring function: Missing teeth can affect the way we eat and speak.  Replacing missing teeth with implants will give you the confidence to eat and speak without fear.
  • Improving your dental health: Replacing missing teeth with implants will can prevent the underlying bone from “shrinking” possibly affecting other teeth leading to future tooth loss.
  • Long lasting solution: Implants are a permanent solution and with proper care and maintenance will last a lifetime!

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