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In cases where time and neglect have conspired to seriously damage a patient’s oral health, a comprehensive approach is typically needed to restore the function and appearance of teeth, reverse gum disease and even address issues involving the jaw bone.

The task may also require the assistance of a periodontist, oral surgeon, orthodontist or endodontist, depending on the severity of various conditions. If you have missing, fractured or severely worn teeth, bleeding gums or jaw pain, or if you notice other worrisome changes in your oral health, you may be a candidate for full mouth reconstruction.

Your Initial Consultation

The process begins with a conversation with your dentist and a detailed evaluation. Your experienced Chicago, IL restorative dentist at Contos Smile Center will do a thorough exam to diagnose the extent of the deterioration and create an effective plan. Once you and your dentist have agreed upon the procedures that you want, successful execution of the plan will require multiple visits to our Chicago office over many months.

What Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Address?

Full mouth reconstruction is a restorative dental treatment that targets serious deterioration of your oral health — teeth that are decayed, chipped, loosening or even falling out; roots that are being eaten away by gingivitis; missing teeth that are causing a realignment of your bite and pain in the jaw, and more.

Cracks in a tooth can expose its internal nerve, requiring your dentist to perform a root canal treatment or tooth extraction. Fractures or decay in your smile can also lead to an even more painful condition known as an abscess. As the nerve begins to die in the tooth, an infection develops that builds pressure in the tooth and magnifies pain. Here, too, a root canal will be necessary. The nerve will be removed and replaced with a filler material, and the tooth itself will be covered securely with a crown.

Customizable Options in Full Mouth Restoration

There are many technologies available to you and your dentist in a full mouth reconstruction. Options include:

Gum Health

Focusing on the health of your gums is also a key element of the restoration process. Unhealthy gums are a warning sign that other serious issues are imminent. The bacteria that accumulates in gum pockets with gingivitis and advanced periodontal disease will eventually erode the integrity of the bone that holds your teeth in place. Untreated gum disease almost invariably leads to eventual loss of teeth, requiring expensive interventions.

Some patients are surprised to learn that gum disease affects overall health, not simply the condition of your teeth and mouth. Several studies in recent years have shown a link between the bacteria that thrive when plaque accumulates under the gum line and heart health. Your gastrointestinal system may also be affected. It’s important to keep in mind that if you have serious oral health issues, they won’t improve on their own.

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